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 High-density polyethylene


High-density polyethyene Excellent resitance to chemicals and dampness prevention;Low-priced.A widely plastic for general purposes.


 Low-density Polyethylene

Squeezable and,unlike HDPE,transparent and glossy,Poor resistance to chemicals.



Similar material to HDPE but greater resistance to heat ,Poor resistance to cold.



Tasteless and odorless,excellent transparency.Poor resistance to chemicals,crushing,and oils.


 Polyethylene terephthalate

Tranparent like glass,excellent gas barrier and resistance to chemicals, and recyclable.Properties such as heat resistance.


 Acrylonitrile styren

Better resistance to chemicals,crushing and oils than PS;more easily manufactured to precise to lerances.Relatively expensive compared with PS.


 Polyvinyl chloride

Excellent chemical resistance,and fire resistance.Poor resistance to heat and cold.

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